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  • hyp3rspac3:

    “The Tree of Life is a linear schematic of ten emanations and twenty-two paths upon which the universal mechanics of energy and consciousness are projected. In one respect it is a very unsatisfactory diagram for it attempts to dimensionalize the transdimensional. It has been called the diagram of the anatomy of God, and if we are indeed created in the image of God then that means that it also reveals the spiritual anatomy of each of us. Students of Kundalini Yoga agree, and point out that the seven chakras or spiritual centers in the human body can be projected quite comfortably upon the Tree of Life. All ten sephiroth, or emanations, of the Tree are really only aspects or facets of the top (first sephira, Kether, which represents the totality of existence-the supreme monad. But even the concept of ONE is a blemish upon the sublime perfection of the pre-existent ZERO. If ONE is to existand become conscious of its oneness it must reflect itself (like a yogi in meditation who reaches to the core of being and exclaims “that’s what I am!”). The mere act of reflection creates TWO. (ONE is now conscious of itself and TWO instantly creates a third condition. This “trinity” by itself is still an abstraction and exists only in potentiality. Nevertheless , a primal pattern has been established by the process of ONE becoming THREE. This archetypal germ sets into motion a chain-reaction that animates the entire creation scenario-the process of consciousness/light/spirit descending into matter. The phenomenal universe manifests through a process of degeneration in the next seven sephiroth. The trinity unit FOUR-FIVE-SIX is created by the reflection of the ONE-TWO-THREE unit and the same process that created THREE from ONE-TWO creates the third trinity unit of SEVEN-EIGHT-NINE. TEN, the world of matter, is rock bottom and dangles from the Tree of Life like an afterthought of creation.”

    The following is from Angels, Demons and Gods of the New Millenium and gives a brief summary of the creation of the “decade out of nothing.”

    Lon Milo DuQuette

    (via wanderer-in-the-desert)


    David Shoemaker’s Living Thelema has finally arrived.
    I’ve read half of it on scribd. A really solid book - much more practical than Eshelman’s Mystical & Magical System of the A.·.A.·. (Although I liked Eshelman’s approach and ideas better).
    Some say it’s the best intro to thelemic magick. I agree, although some previous experience with magick in general is immensely helpful, since the author introduces a lot of concepts without delving into details too much.
    Reading it together with Kraig’s Twelve Lessons and Griffin’s Ritual Magic Manual for a broader perspective. I’ll be stuck with LBRP for years again…

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